Twins Food Factory

With the constant growth of demand of “Shawermer Sandwiches”, Shawermer decided to open Twins Food Factory to cope up and continuously provide the increasing cravings for the “Smart Sandwiches”.
The factory was carefully designed and planned through its interior specifications and hygienic requirements, having done so it has acquired an ISO 2000 certification.

At Twins Food, we believe in the power of freshness and quality. Ingredients you use every day, you count on as a way of life. As the independent factory of Shawermer, Twins Food is responsible to keep the strategy of maintaining the freshness and supply only the highest quality of ingredients to help craft the “Smart Sandwich”


Especially marinated chicken and meat, with our authentic homemade recipe, our own only freshly baked bread without the oil ingredient making it the lightest bread, fresh pickles and delicious sauces is Twins Food quality standards of ingredient supplies.